Monday, August 3

The importance of having your website ready before implementing a social media plan

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Well, the Internet is no different. Think of it as dating. Let’s say you disperse 200 of your friends to let everyone know you’re available and to take a pamphlet that shows your face and a brief bio (like this would ever happen, but for the sake of argument, roll with me).

Much like social media, these friends can “share” the brochure with their friends and so on and so forth.

You obviously would want your nicest picture, a crisp bio and accurate contact information, right? Well, that’s much like your business’ website and the information that floats on the web through social media.

Thousands of sites are dug, StumbleUpon, reddit, and favorited each hour. If your information is valuable enough, and sometimes just quirky enough, you catch someone’s attention. They click on your story and you have them. Like a fisherman to fish, they’re hooked.

SO, now they’re on your site likely just reading what caught their interest. There are several universal tabs (Home, Contact, About Us to name a few) that many web developers would require for you to have on every page. Is your information valuable enough to make them explore further? Is your website hearty enough to lure people to your “make me a favorite” tab? Probably most importantly, do you have updated information on a regular (consistent basis) that would make them come to your site on a weekly basis without any prompt? That’s the ultimate goal of a social marketer and your business. You want the word out there about your business, obviously a call to action (to generate business) and then the perfect blend of customer service and quality content that will create a Top of Mind Awareness when they need someone in your field.

So in our first example, social media represents your friends and the brochure represents your website. Is your website prepared for the type of exposure social media can bring to it? It’s something every business owner needs to ask themselves before they ask for exposure (embarrassingly) at the wrong time – when they are unprepared.

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